Want to promote your business inside China’s number 1 social media platform, Wechat? Then you need an official Wechat account!

Wechat has literally taken over the Chinese internet. If you’re not on Wechat, then you’re basically not seen by Chinese mobile users.

Businesses who want to “Crack the Chinese market” must invest in opening and building up a Wechat Official account. While you may be able to get started with a personal account for your business – we strongly recommend once you are serious, investing in building up a proper company (official) account.

Here’s the catch – you need to have a Chinese company in order to open an official account. Well, at least an official account that will reach people in China. Huh? Yes – if you open a Wechat official account with a USA company license, this account will be blocked from being shown to Chinese users.

Its just a step for controlling what information is shown to the Chinese internet user.

So the only way to get a Wechat official account that will be shown to Chinese people is opening it with a Chinese company.

Don’t have a Chinese company and want an official account?

Well then, this is the perfect place for you! Our specialists will represent you with their Chinese company, and apply for an official account for your business. Please note that this account will be under their company license, but will have an agreement that you are the full owner and in control of this account.

Once this is opened, you can start to add your content, optimize your menu and calls to actions, and take action on attracting Chinese people to your product or service.

Let our Wechat official account opening specialists work directly with you in making this a reality. Simple, and fast and secure!


  • A Wechat Official Account able to reach Chinese internet users


  • Your company name
  • Your full name
  • Your identification card
  • Your mobile number
  • Desired user name of your Wechat account


  • How long does the process take?
  • Once we get all your information, please allow 7 to 10 business days in order for it to be opened.
  • Can I transfer this official account to another company account later?
  • Currently Wechat doesn’t support transferring of Wechat official accounts from one company to another.