Overview Making an Order on the Global From Asia Market

This is for users who already have setup their profile and listed their service (or found a service) and the order is ready to go through.

When buying:
Is the price and terms what you want?
Do you want any of the additional services (if applicable) – these are optional settings the service provider can add to the deal, such as faster delivery, more options, revisions, or other optional services related to the service.
Don’t see the exact service offer, but think this provider can potentially do the service? Click custom deal (check another video for how to place custom deal)
For today’s tutorial, we will focus on the “Standard” checkout of a current service listing
The buyer (client) will click “checkout” on the order and add any additional services they may want.

Next, choose the payment method. At this moment, we have 5 ways – Paypal, Wechat, Bank Transfer (HK bank, Chinese bank, or International wire), Credit Card (via Stripe merchant account services), or Cash at one of our offices. In the future we hope to add more like Bitcoin and other. But really, choosing the cash option and talking to us we normally can make almost any payment option work for you – but please note additional fees and exchange rates may apply.

Once you make your payment, it will go into pending. It will alert the service provider about the new order, as well as the Global From Asia market admin staff. The GFA team will review the order (to ensure no fraud or funny business) and then approve the order.

Once the admin has approved the payment, the service provider has the “Green light” to begin to process the order (service) – as the money is confirmed to be held in the Global From Asia market’s account.

The client (buyer) and service provider (seller) communicate through the messaging system (at least keep the key milestones there for potential dispute resolution cases) and get the work done.

The seller will “deliver” the work in the messaging system and attach files (if necessary for the service delivery)

Once the buyer confirms the work has been completed, they will click the “confirm order”.

Payment will then be submitted to the service provider (seller) and they can work with the Global From Asia admin to withdraw (or hold in their balance as a credit).