What is the Global From Asia Market?

Hi my name is Mike Michelini and I am the co-founder and host of Global From Asia. We started the Global From Asia podcast as a way to help share knowledge and information about Hong Kong, China, and Asia business strategies and tactics. Coming to China in 2007, I had no clue and had to rely on dodgy bulletin boards, Chinglish advice from new Chinese business friends, and bar talk with expats.

As this podcast grew, into a blog, books, and services – we learned there are so many more services to offer people from around the world. As I interviewed more and more amazing business people on the podcast, listeners started doing business with them and thanking me for it.

Finally, it dawned on me – we need to open this up to a wider platform – and the Global From Asia market was born. You can create an account, and list your service, or buy services from other users. The cool thing is, with one account you can both buy and sell services – as we see all too often the need for people to both offer and sell services to each other. See a service you like, but need to have some modifications that need to be made? No problem, send a message to them and work out a custom deal.

Trust and safety is our number one priority when making this Global From Asia market! Therefore, when purchasing a service, custom or standard, the payment is held in our market account until the service provider has completed their side of the deal. Also the market has a full messaging system so you can send detailed messages and upload attachments as you work through the project.

We accept all forms of payment, from Paypal to Credit card to Wechat and Bank transfer – we know how complicated payment is in the Asia market and want to be the bridge. Typically we expect to receive credit card and paypal from overseas clients and then pay out to service providers in local Chinese bank transfer, this is a headache we can help you with.

The big bonus of using our Global From Asia market, in addition to having a growing network of services to choose from with easy payment is the dispute resolution and feedback system. Check what other buyers of those services have said in the past, and if you have an issue with your own purchase, simply dispute it and our Global From Asia marketplace team will take care of it. Our dispute resolution team will check the message history, so make sure you keep key milestones in there for this exact purpose. Sure, we know you’ll probably connect in email or wechat, but come back to the Global From Asia marketplace for key communication points and file uploads for record keeping.

What are some of the services you can find in the Global From Asia marketplace? We are growing our network of service providers regularly, but let me highlight some for you today, these may be services you have trouble finding right now, or services that often have issues with communication and follow through. So by taking those services onto the Global From Asia market, you can ensure the service provider will complete their work as stated for their feedback and payment to come later.

Here’s some examples:

Quality control inspection to a factory – there are plenty of our friends in the Global From Asia community that offer QC services. Choose ones you like by price, location, and offer on the market. Payment is held by us and released when the inspection is done and feedback is settled.

Receiving samples from a factory – want to have a third party company in China receive the factory samples for you and take pictures and videos? We have more and more service providers willing to help you out and be your local Chinese address and office for even something as small as that!

Building a prototype for your new invention – find a service provider who can get your idea into a CAD and 3D printed!

Translating a Chinese supplier contract – want to have a local Chinese person check your contract and help translate some new appendix items on it into Chinese? This small stuff can be taken care of for a fixed fee with more and more service providers.

Opening A Chinese ICP license – want to get a registered hosting license in China – we have a lot of companies who offer this and we can match you up to one you can trust and enjoy working with.

Wechat official account opening and marketing – want to have someone open a company (official account) for you on Wechat? We have providers who can help you out.

Tour guide at the Canton Fair – want to have a local Chinese tour guide show you around at the Canton fair? Get a personal tour guide for you and your business traveler friends on the Global From Asia market.

The possibilities are endless. If you’re interested in listing your service, its all done online. Build a profile and list your service. Attract buyers and earn feedback and a reputation. We’ll work with you to optimize your listing and give feedback to create a long term winning community of service providers and clients from around the world.

Again, the mission is clear – to make doing business in China and other parts of Asia as simple as buying on an e-commerce store. Again, my name is Mike Michelini, and we will continue to have amazing podcasts, blogs, videos to educate the community – and offer this market as a way for people to take action in their business in Asia and get things done in a safe and fun environment.

Let’s do it!