First Time Listing on the GFA Market? Read This 🙂

Welcome to the Global From Asia (GFA) Market! Thanks for your interest in making a listing (adding a service offering) to the market. This post today will help go through some of the steps you will need to do to get your first listing live.

Create a User Profile (all user accounts the same)

Signup for the market at – this account can be used to both buy and sell services on the platform.

Browse Templates and Examples Our Template Directory as well as the live market

Get an idea of what we are looking for by browsing our template directory 9999. Here we have written up custom offers that you can use (100% or reword as you like) on your own listing. These have been written by our management and have clear details and explanations so that the buyer knows exactly what to expect.

Same goes for browsing the live marketplace. But please, keep our community safe and happy – don’t copy other sellers services. They spent time and energy creating a listing, and if we see blatant copyright copying, we will either not approve your listing or notify you of the problem once we detect it. We want this to be a fair and equal marketplace for all.

So use these 2 resources to get the ideas and inspiration you need. But of course, be creative and original to get the maximum effectiveness in your listing.

Things you Should Have Ready Before you Post

We recommend you first write out your offering on a word document or google doc. This way you can have everything ready ahead of time and just copy and paste it from your document into the listing page.

* Title – make a catch title that is written as a BENEFIT and RESULT that the buyer will get. Not just what you will do, but what will they get?
* Service description – here you will list what you are offering. What is the benefit, how will you do it, etc. More details, more clear, more sales for you!
* Price – How much will you charge for this service
* Time for delivery – Once the buyer pays and provides all the information to you, how long until it is ready to be delivered to the buyer?
* Category – which service category do you fit into? Please pick the one that is most relevant to you. If you can’t find one that fits, put it into the best option and then ask our support team for assistance, we are open to adding new categories.
* Skills (Tags) – this will make it easier for our search tool to find you.
* Photo – we have a minimum size requirement of 99999. The photo is IMPORTANT. It needs to be eye catching and at the same time relevant to your listing. As with everything, while we say we don’t judge a book by its cover, often the listing image is what gets the visitors attention to click for more information.
* Steps after purchasing – what should the buyer of the service do once they pay? Make this service as smooth as possible by giving them clear instructions on what they should provide you in order to make this process as easy and smooth as possible. This will delay back and forth and let them get started with your service immediately.

Download The Service Listing Requirements As a Template

Get this service listing template – so you can fill it out on your office computer first before starting the listing process. This way, you know you have all the information you need up front and won’t have to scramble around once you have the listing page in front of you.

999 download the guide here 9999

Tip on Price – Start Small, Build Trust

While we are a market for high value Asia business services, we want to encourage service providers to add some low dollar amount, low friction types of work as well. Consider taking a small piece of a bigger service you offer, or something small that is asked on a regular basis and list it on the market.

Why would you do something like this? Well, the buyer doesn’t know you – and wants to test you out before plunking down big dollar amounts. So we suggest this tactic to get the ball rolling.

Also – it makes sure they are serious! We have been in Asia B2B services for over a decade and know how many tire kickers there are. By at least listing a small service and collecting some money – you get the wallet open and make sure they are serious.

And have fun with it! Maybe have one of your Chinese office assistants help with translation, or making phone calls to suppliers, or being a tour guide. The opportunities are endless, and we have found that having these funny and easy (low friction) listings will get you more exposure, more feedback, and more larger deal flow sooner.

Need Images? Places To Find Free Images

There are plenty of free resources on the web now where you can get images to use without needing to worry about stealing a copyright. We have had good luck with some of these below, we will make more guides in the future:

If you’re willing it invest a bit in nice images, try out

Brainstorm Lots of Services at Different Price Points

Now, hopefully this guide has got your brain flowing with various priced options and different services. It is hard to predict at the beginning which one will resonate with the marketplace visitors, so why not try a few out?

You can do all of this before you even get started with our

Go to Post a Service

Next you want to post a service on the platform. Click on the post a service.

Now that you have a good idea of different services you want to offer, this should be as simple as copy and pasting from your service guide template above. Fill out the category and other details, if you remember from above:

Title – make it a BENEFIT
Description – clear and easy to read.
Time of Delivery
Steps after purchasing the service

Formatting Matters

Some more tips when making the listing – take the time to bold, underline, bullet point where necessary. Make it look “pretty” not just so you feel proud of your work, but also so you attract more buyers! If they see a sloppy and unformatted image and text, they are much less likely to buy than one that is well formatted with clear text layout and a nice image.

All Set? Time To Submit the Service Listing

Have all your text pasted into the correct field on the page? Image formatted correctly. Great, let’s list it!

Click the submit button and it will go to our marketplace admin team.

Wait For Our Review Team To Approve Your Listing

Now, we want to make sure we are listing quality services on our platform. Our review team will check your profile and your listing. We may have some questions and suggestions for you to update your listing to ensure it is the most optimized listing there is. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for us to notify you of the listing status.

Approved? You Are Live – Share This To Your Network

Hopefully your listing has no issues in formatting or service conflicts and our review team has approved it. Now, it is live on the marketplace and you can share it all over the internet.

Getting Those First Few Buyers Is the Hardest

Making sure that those first few buyers are setup and rocking! Once they are happy – encourage feedback. This will help new visitors to your profile and listing feel comfortable with making an order with you, and you should be off to the races.

Need Help? Our team is here!

We hope this guide for first time sellers (service providers) is helpful for you – but please, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any problems or concerns with your setup process. Your success also defines our success, and we want to make sure that you are getting the quality help from us so that you can in exchange pass that quality help onto your future clients.

We can help you with optimizing your listing, image help, feedback on your service and more – please contact us!