How the Global From Asia Marketplace Works

Global From Asia is passionate to connect quality service providers with hard working business owners and entrepreneurs frustrated at the challenges in finding reliable companies in China and other parts of Asia. This marketplace can be a bit complex, but have worked hard to include all the functions and features to allow buyers and sellers to create fulfilling business deals together.

Steps For Both Buyers and Sellers

So the beautiful thing about this marketplace is 1 user account can be both a buyer and seller. Yes, you heard it right – you can be a Quality Control and Inspection company, and use the same account to buy Chinese Web Design services. Get paid, and also use your funds to buy other services.

Don’t want to be both a buyer and seller? No problem – you can simply be a buyer, or be a seller. Buy the services you want with Paypal, Credit Card, or Cash / Bank Transfer or Receive the funds as a seller and withdraw in your preferred method!

Please Note – This is

When we built this marketplace, we kept it on a separate server from our podcast and blog. Therefore, please note that you will be logging in, and operating from the subdomain – but of course we link to this from our main menu on the blog at

Video – Marketplace Overview, Registering and Using It

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Step 1 – Create an Account

Whether you are a service provider (seller) or a business owner (buyer), you will create the same “style” account. This way you don’t need to decide which one you’ll need upfront, or make 2 logins later if you decide to participate in both buying and selling functions.

Just simple click the “create account” at the top right corner of every screen in our marketplace.

Step 1a – Decide If This Is A Personal Account or a Company Account

We don’t have separate user levels for company accounts and personal accounts yet. But once you create an account, it will ask you for your username. Here is where you can decide if you want to use your company name, and company logo, or your personal username (handle) and personal profile photo.

Which is better? It depends on you. If you plan to share this account with your staff, we recommend using a company username and logo. But even if you’re using your personal name and personal brand, you may have staff helping you on the backend to reply to messages and fulfill the service. As we grow the marketplace we will have case studies and tutorials for best practices, so stay tuned.

Step 1b – Complete your User Profile As Completely as Possible

To attract people to your profile and listing, please update your profile photo and other details as soon as you register. Sure, we know, you may say you’ll do it later and then never go back! So take care of it right away – having a clear profile photo and detailed profile description will attract more people to your offering and make you stand out from the rest.

Step 2 – Buyer Services, List Your Service, Message Other Service Provider’s Listings

Once you have an account, you can then take full advantage of the system. Browse listings, and simply click the “buy now button”. If you want something more custom, but similar to that offering, click the “custom offer button” and tell the service provider what you are looking for. If you are a seller (service provider) go ahead and post your service offering by clicking the “post service” button shared throughout the marketplace.

Step 3 – Be Prompt To Reply To Other Members

This marketplace is all about speed and transparency. When you get a new order, or a new message, it will alert you at the email you registered with. To keep that member interested and exciting about your deal, be fast to reply back.

The marketplace is watching you 🙂

In the spirit of making business in Asia faster and easier, we want to make sure people stay engaged and are fast to act on new business opportunities.

Step 4 – Keep Major Messages Inside The Marketplace Inbox

This marketplace has a built in messaging platform with the ability to attach files and photos. Leverage this to protect yourself. Yes, we take a commission from the seller on the deal, but we assist with payment and dispute resolution. Keeping your transactions and your messages in our system will protect you in case of fraud or disputes in the future. Let our marketplace team assist you if there are communication or deliverable issues down the line. The other party may suggest to go outside our marketplace, but keeping inside will protect you!

Specific Instructions for Buyer or Seller Here

Now, we have 2 separate pages here – one to explain the buyer side, the other for the seller side, choose your destiny 🙂

Sellers (Service Providers) – Read More Here.

Buyers (Business Owners) – Read more Here.