Have e-commerce product listings that need to be translated into Chinese? Leverage our network of Chinese translators to get a set of your products ready for Chinese e-commerce.

Want to crack into the Chinese market? It is a dream of so many – and yet so far reaching at the same time. Take it one step at a time. We recommend a good first step is taking a few of your best selling products in your current market and translating them to Chinese.

This package includes translation of up to 5 product listings (no more than 500 words per product) to use in your Chinese e-commerce listing.

This is perfect for e-commerce sellers looking to:

List on JD.com

List on taobao or Tmall

List on Amazon China

List on your own Chinese shopping cart website

It is a necessary step in cracking into the market, and we have a great group of translators on call for you to tap into.

Our translators are here to help. We have explained to them you are open to feedback and advise on your product – not just need the translation. While we have separate services for an extensive market research report and competitive analysis – we will have the translator assigned to your account give their own opinion and suggestions on how to best bring your product to the Chinese market.

This way, it is a bit more value add than simply returning you back a translated document. It will give you a unique perspective from a Chinese person. Feel free to use this feedback as you’d like, or to completely ignore it!

How does it work?


Simply purchase this package with your credit card, and we’ll match you up with a Chinese translator.

Our simple questionnaire will be provided to you after checkout, and upload your document, or provide the URLs of your current product listings.

Allow 5 business days for the translation to be completed

Bonus – the Chinese translator will give you some personal tips and angles to use in your product listing.


  • 5 product listings translated to Chinese (up to 500 English words each listing)
  • Bonus tips on each product for maximizing the effectiveness in the Chinese market.


  • Your 5 product listings in English (either the website URL or as an attachment you can upload in our platform)
  • Product photos – both of the product itself, but if its a unique product, showing it being used – this is to make sure the translator fully understands the product and use case.


  • How long does it take?
  • The process takes between 5 to 10 business days, depending on the uniqueness of the product.
  • What exactly will I receive back?
  • * An editable form document (Microsoft Word) containing all of your products in Mandarin Chinese. * A separate document in English with tips and angles you can use to dominate the Chinese market once you list the product.