We receive and inspect your samples (Sample Receipt and Consolidation)

Last modified: April 19, 2017

You’re an international entrepreneur. Traveling the world for business and pleasure.


This can easily get in the way of receiving and inspecting the product samples from your factory.


Chances are you’ve set quality standards with your factory and before mass production you want to make sure the samples check-out. Make sure they meet the pre-set standards.


Even though you are not conveniently located to the factory – or your current business/personal situation is not conducive to receiving and inspecting samples – it’s not impossible to receive and inspect the samples.


As trained quality professionals with offices strategically located around China we can receive the samples for you.


You simply provide us with your pre-set quality requirements.


After that we coordinate with your factory to receive your samples when they come off the line.


Once we’ve received the sample we’ll inspect them based on your quality requirements document.


We’ll even take photos – to send to you – for each part of the inspection.


And if you’d like us to forward the samples on to you after the inspection is complete, we’ll do that as well.


Never be stuck unable to enforce your quality standards again.


We’ve got you covered.


$100 for first samples; $50 for each additional sample in the same shipment


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