Visit a Chinese Factory (In South China)

Last modified: April 5, 2017

Are you looking for someone to visit a factory for you here in China? I am a local Chinese who can help you out. I have been doing sourcing and trading for almost ten years and have been to so many factories and know what to look for. I have worked with Western companies full time, as well as part time in my career, so I understand business owners concerns.

This project fee is for a single day visit to a Chinese factory. I can go with you, or I can go by myself. 

If I go with you, we can arrange what location to meet, such as your hotel lobby or at the factory directly. This is perfect if you are visiting the factory during the trade show season or taking an international flight and want to maximize the effectiveness of your trip.

If I go by myself, I will take photos and video of the trip as best I can so you can see what happens when I’m there. This is good if you don’t have time to go to the factory as you’re in USA or overseas and want to have someone local and trusted to help you out. 

To make this factory visit effective as possible, please tell me what the products are all about, what questions you have for the factory, and concerns and issues you have been facing with the factory. I will prepare this in advance and also give you some of my opinions and suggestions too.

The fee for this project is for my time and expertise – if the factory is in Shenzhen then I will just have a small travel fee by taxi or subway. If you want me to travel far, I will have to add additional fees to the package, I hope you understand. 

Please ask me any questions about this by contacting me on the listing page right side bar – I look forward to making your China sourcing business process much smoother.



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    Hi, I’m Cindy - or you can call me JuJu or Zhu Zhu! I have worked with foreigners doing China manufacturing for more than 10 years, and also worked for a International startup company that in charge of operation in China, and looking for funding, even been a tour guide...