Verify the factory can do what they say (Capability and Capacity Audit)

Last modified: April 19, 2017

Some factories lie.


You probably already knew this. Every factory you find on Alibaba – or even by recommendation – is not always as they say.


So why waste your money on false claims when you can be sure?


If your plan is to manufacture top quality products – that make your customers happy – and increase your revenue then there are a couple of key things you should be doing before ever partnering with a factory


Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Verify the factory exists – first things first, are you sure you’re even talking to a factory? A lot of times you’re actually talking to a trading company acting as a factory. So, find out the truth.

  • Understand the factories true capability – basically, can they make what they say they can make? A simple audit of the factories processes, machines, and materials will be able to verify their claims. So many factories are quick to say “yes” to every project – without checking their own capabilities. Know for sure the factory is capable of making your specific product needs before starting production – otherwise you might find yourself with months worth of delays down the line.

  • Understand the factories true capacity – if the factory you’re considering has other clients – they probably do – then they have to manage the man-hours and machine-hours to produce all of the products, for all of their clients, within a given period of time. Adding your order into that pool of products that needs to be completed makes things more complicated. That’s why it’s imperative to check if the factory has enough people and machines along with solid processes to ensure your product can actually be made as they claim. Always find out the factories true capacity.

  • Check the factories quality processes – do the factories have the quality processes in place to ensure they are making your product to the top quality you want? This is a must. You might be considering a third party quality provider – but, a factory without it’s own, if only basic, quality processes will not make top notch product.


Nothing is ever 100% for sure, but once you’ve performed these key things you can rest assured that the factory you’ve chosen to work with is able to produce top quality product you need.

In this service we provide all of the key things (audits) listed above to be done before starting production with a factory.

Our team will go to the factory you’re considering and perform each of the 4 audits mentioned above.

Let’s work together to increase your confidence in the factory you’re considering and make sure you’re not dealing with major delays later on.


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