Simplifying Logistics for your e-commerce business

Last modified: March 10, 2017

Do you manufacture a product? Do you want to sell around the world? Not sure how all this logistics stuff works? Well, dont worry your not alone! Logistics, now more than ever is one of those single biggest points of success and failure for e-commerce operators. Its importance is often under stated that its the final thing operational elements considered when producing an online product to sell. So thats why we are here!  to support you in providing a unique and simplified logistics strategy & implementation for your business.

We offer clients be-spoke consultation on your logistics as you look to grow and scale your product around the globe.

For just $399 USD we will offer your e-commerce business:

  • Initial 2 hour consultation on your e-commerce business – a chance for us to hear about your product, strategy and how you operate currently and or want to in future. During this session we will cover off all you need to know about e-commerce logistics (including case studies) that will directly impact your business. This includes the do’s/don’ts and tips and tricks for running the right type of logistics for your product.
  • A detailed assessment of your product and our advice for your most effective route to markets (e.g sales channel choices) & your most cost effective logistics options, including operational direction and partner choices (e.g. FBA, 3PL etc.)
  • A detailed plan of our how to achieve your logistics strategy, e.g. how do I take these good ideas and put them into play – we don’t just tell you but we will show you too (so you can easily just follow)

Should you want it, we will also:

  • Execute your logistics solution on your behalf and or work with you on your selected partners (additional cost is incurred for this execution phase in line with logistics costs)

In order to work with you; we need to ensure that you meet our requirements: 

  • Hong Kong and or China based products
  • Medium-High Value & Quality Products
  • We like unique products
  • Global and or Regional sales focus
  • Planning and or Working across multiple and or single market places
  • Minimum sales forecast or historical sales of 100+ per mont

We look froward to meeting you and helping you simplfy your logsitics!

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