Receive Sample from Chinese Factory and Forward to You

Last modified: March 7, 2017

Buying from a Chinese factory but not here in China to receive the sample?

Sure, the factory can ship it out to you overseas – but they normally make you pay extra money! Plus they can screw up the address and delivery information.

Let us help you out!

Using this service, we can receive a sample in our Shenzhen China office, take photos, and a video for you, send that to you online. Once you approve of the sample – we can then forward it to you anywhere in the world.

Save the time and headaches of having the factory or trading company ship internationally to you, only to find out that it is crap! Let us be the filter and check it out inside Mainland China before shipping overseas to you.

This is a service we wish we had way back when we did it – and now are offering it to you!



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