ICP Beian license + Domain registration + China hosting

Last modified: April 11, 2017

We will host a website, on a domain name of your choosing (.com or .cn) and apply for the mandatory ICP Beian license on your behalf. Every website hosted in Mainland China needs to be approved by the Chinese government.

This service is for 12 months and will be automatically renewed. (66,25 USD a month for total package)
(One month cancellation period)

What do we do:

  • Register domain name (.com or .cn) in China on your behalf
  • Apply ICP Beian license on your behalf
  • Setup hosting on our cloud servers in mainland China

What you will receive:

  • Access to your hosting environment, after domain name and ICP Beian license approval
    (SFTP, SSH)


  • ICP Beian license approval can take from 5 to 20+ day (Government controlled)
  • No sensitive content is allowed to be uploaded to the server
  • No guarantee on ICP Beian approval. Money back guarantee if not approved.
  • Hosting environment is located in Mainland China with these minimum server configurations
    2 core, 4 GB RAM, 5 GB HD, 5 MBPS traffic
  • Extra server requirements available at extra costs
  • Domain and ICP Beian will be registered/applied on our Chinese business license


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    REDSTAR CONSULTING We Create, Host, Maintain and Grow your digital business in Mainland China. Bringing down barriers of entry and overcoming the language complexities! Our services include: Cloud hosting (Mainland China), domain registration (.cn & .com.cn), ICP Beian license application and support, Setup and management of WeChat accounts