High-level / mini market research

Last modified: March 7, 2017

# This high-level / mini market research is custom-tailored, and the research will provide a general overview of what the client wants to understand in the China market

# The analysis may include but is not limited to a high-level market overview, competitor landscape, pricing analysis, market entry options analysis, partner search, etc.

# Deliverables: Word report, Excel, PowerPoint report, etc.

# Timeline: Usually a high-level / mini market research takes about 2-3 weeks

# Fee: Varies depending on the scope, usually between US$ 1,800-2,500



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    Chinese (Mandarin)


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    I guide small and medium sized B2B and B2C businesses to better understand the market and successfully enter and expand into the China market. ❯ Delivering custom-tailored market intelligence reports and strategic recommendations to C-level executives ❯ Personally guiding clients on face-to-face meetings with potential partners (e.g. distributors, retailers, VC/PE...