Guided Tour of Hua Qiang Bei in Shenzhen, China

Last modified: May 29, 2017

Huaquiangbei is the world’s largest electronics and electronic components market and Trouble Maker is located right at the top of one of the huge market buildings! Our engineers and product developers stroll the markets on a daily base and are your best guide to navigate the thousands of shops and locate your favorite toys, tools and treasures!

The tour starts at 9:30 AM where we meet at the foot of the Huaqiang Plaza Hotel and ends at 6 PM when the market buildings close. If you’re new to Huaqiangbei we can serve you our introduction program which makes YOU a Huaqiangbei expert in one day (cough cough). Well, at least compared to the people at home ? If you’re after something special, let us know. We can easily adjust the program to fit your needs!

Hua Qiang Bei Introduction program

9:30 AM Meet at Starbucks at the foot of the Huaqiang Plaza Hotel. The markets open 10 AM, so if you have special wishes this is the time to be heard.
10 AM Strolling the market buildings
1 PM Lunch time
2 PM Visit Trouble Maker’s developer lab and co-working space
3 PM Targeted market visit (there are over 20 market buildings and each has thousands of shops)
6 PM time to say goodbye. But not without receiving pointers of how to make the most of the evening around Huaqiangbei!

Points of attention

Make sure you have WeChat installed on your phone before you arrive. WeChat will be our main communication and locator tool.

Cost for food and beverages is not included in the tour price.


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    Trouble Maker is a product development platform where people from all over the world come to prototype, manufacture and market products. The company was started by four expats living in Shenzhen, each contributing with their experience and network. Trouble Maker provides office space, co-working space and prototyping laboratories and makes...