How do I get an ICP Beian license?

Last modified: June 28, 2017

You want to host a website or app in China and read some info on ICP Beian license. You are unclear on the requirements or unsure how the process works and how to acquire one.

Schedule a consultation (conference call) with us and we will explain the whole process with requirements and answer any questions you have! 

What do we do:

  • 45 minute conference call (Skype/WeChat)
  • Share all our knowledge on ICP Beian licenses with you
  • Answer any of your related questions


  • Calls can be scheduled on Monday (7pm – 11pm), Tuesday (8am – 11:30am), Thursday (1pm – 11pm), Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (8am – 11pm)
  • Times listed above are based on the China timezone (UTC+08:00)
  • Call will last around 45 minutes 


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    REDSTAR CONSULTING We Create, Host, Maintain and Grow your digital business in Mainland China. Bringing down barriers of entry and overcoming the language complexities! Our services include: Cloud hosting (Mainland China), domain registration (.cn &, ICP Beian license application and support, Setup and management of WeChat accounts