Custom-tailored Market Intelligence and Strategy

Last modified: March 7, 2017

# My goal is to help clients better understand the China market and provide practical strategy for them to access and grow in the China market

# Covers B2B and B2C market research

# Service scope is project based and custom-tailored, primarily depending on what the client needs, and usually includes market intelligence, competitor analysis, supply chain analysis, regulation analysis, market entry strategy, partner search (e.g. distributors etc.), etc.

# I’ve managed and executed 40+ projects in the industries of food and beverage, E-commerce, marine / boat, luxury goods, medical device and pharmaceuticals, clean technologies, etc.; clients were usually from US, New Zealand, France, Italy, Finland, etc. Some of these clients are approached from Chamber of Commerce or foreign government agencies located in China.

# Methodology: Primary (phone interviews and face-to-face interviews if necessary) and secondary research (data and information sorted and collected through proprietary database and others)

# Deliverable: PowerPoint report, Word report, excel, etc.

# Timeline: Usually a project is around 6-8 weeks; but some high-level/mini market research might take 1-2 weeks; I also can work on an hourly basis

# Project and service fee: Project fee varies, usually between US$ 5,000-20,000+ depending on how in-depth the scope is, how much time and how many people it requires; for ad hoc research, my hourly rate is US$70 per hour



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    I guide small and medium sized B2B and B2C businesses to better understand the market and successfully enter and expand into the China market. ❯ Delivering custom-tailored market intelligence reports and strategic recommendations to C-level executives ❯ Personally guiding clients on face-to-face meetings with potential partners (e.g. distributors, retailers, VC/PE...