Choosing the right e-commerce platform & marketplace for your product!

Last modified: March 14, 2017

Are you starting out with a new product and idea? Want to sell this product online via your own marketplace or 3rd party site? but not sure where to start? 

Yea, we understand that feeling – with today’s overwhelming level of marketplaces to choose form and shopping cart software, its hard to know where to start and what would suit your product best. So let us help you guide through a process that will give you clarity and options for how to manage these choices. 

For $99 USD we will give you:

  • A breakdown of the best platforms for your product (based on historical sales performance of similar products & other analytics) 
  • The best choices for your own online shopping cart software that suits your product and route to market strategy. 
  • Tips & Tricks guide to getting the most out of these selected platform and cart software

We look forward to helping you navigate your online marketplaces and shopping cart software options to set you up for the best level of success. 



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