Amazon Listing Optimization

Last modified: March 23, 2017

Amazon FBA is getting more and more competitive! Stay ahead of the market with expert help on optimizing your product listing.

You can have the best product in the world, but if people don’t find it when searching online – then it doesn’t matter. Its all about optimizing your listing.

This used to be done for the Google search, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – but now the customer has gone direct to Amazon and searched for you product. So it is now called ASO (Amazon Search Optimization) and we have teamed up with some professional service providers to get you the assistance you need.

Simply provider your product details and the current Amazon product URL and our experts will get to work on optimizing your listing. We’ll do an analysis of your current listing, check for opportunities on fixing it, and once you accept, give you a complete listing optimization plan for you to plug and play direct into your listing.


  • Analysis of 1 Amazon listing
  • Step by step report for you to copy and paste into your Amazon listing
  • 2 rounds of questions and clarifications.

Needs from Client

  • Your Amazon listing URL
  • Product details on your product
  • Competitors
  • Keywords you are focusing on.


– How long will it take to get my amazon listing optimization report back?

Once we get all the information from your side, please allow 7 to 10 business days to get it back.

– Can you help optimize the listing directly in my Amazon Seller Central Account?

We strongly recommend you inputting the optimized listing into your own Seller Central account. This is to avoid any potential mistakes (or claims) of mistakes being made.

– Will you write the product description for me?

When you give us the product listing, you should have a fair attempt at making the product description yourself. We will be tweaking your words and adding features, benefits, and a catchy description to optimize it. Creating from scratch is a separate service.



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