We hear it all the time – “I have vitamins I want to import to China how much will the import duties on this product be?”, or “I am looking to import used cars from USA and I want to know what the procedure is”.

Yes, getting your products into the Chinese market is a hot topic, and a huge opportunity! Logistics companies and customs brokers are overloaded with inquiries and would love to work with you.

Therefore, we have put together a nice little service to help you take action in making your China import business a reality! Packaging up the process of checking your product samples, qualifying them for the Chinese market, and giving you a professional analysis of the taxes, duties, and other procedures of getting your goods into China is here!

From the comfort of your home country’s office – you can check out online via credit card right here (top right of the screen) and then complete some questions in our easy to use getting started form. Once we have these details completed, we will assign you to the appropriate customs broker and/or logistics provider to help you get your new import product business sorted!

This service package is perfect for those tired of getting slow (or no) responses from logistics providers in China and Asia about how to import their product into this booming market! We have agents ready and on standby to receive your inquiry and give you the attention you need to get to the next step on your import business!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do the proper analysis on your import product today and jumpstart your business. Easy payment with credit card, secure communication through our messaging platform, and the assurance you need to make sure you get the help you need!


  • Feedback on the taxes and duties that the product you want to import will be taxed at.
  • Suggestions on the best way to import this product into China
  • Various tests and/or licenses that may be required for this product to be brought into the Chinese market


  • Completed import product request form (provided once you checkout)
  • Product photos
  • Product samples (if its a brand new product for the Chinese market)
  • Product listing URLs (if in the marketplace)
  • Chinese translation (ideal, but not always required)


  • Who will be doing this analysis?
  • We have a network of logistics companies and custom brokers who have experience in the Chinese import process. Once we receive your import request form, we will match you up with a customs broker who is most familiar with your product category.
  • How long will it take to get my import product analysis back?
  • Once we receive all information from you (forms, product photos, samples, etc) please allow 7 to 10 business days for our complete analysis to be done. Remember to use our platform’s secure messaging system to record milestones so our marketplace dispute team can help you in case of a delay.
  • What do I do once I receive my import analysis report?
  • Great question! Once you receive this analysis back – you should review it and put the numbers into a forecast sheet. Many times people don’t properly reflect the customs duties and taxes in their product cost – so it may show you that your product is not competitive in the Chinese market. While this may not be the best answer for you – it is an answer! If you still see an opportunity for cracking the Chinese market with the taxes and other fees – take action! You can continue to work with this customs broker and logistics provider, or find other service providers to import your products into the Chinese market.