Creating Images For Your Service Listing

The image is the most important part of your service listing page! It is by far the first impression the potential buyer has on your service, and you need to make sure you give it your best shot. In this service provider guide today we will cover tips and tactics on making the best image you can!

Brainstorm What You Images You Want To Use

What are you selling? The image should explain that as fast as possible. If you are doing quality control services in China – show your team doing QC check at a factory! Boom, clear, and showing the service in action – with your own company’s logo and branding right there!

Remember, you can have more than one image, but you should pick your featured image first. That is the majority of what people will see unless they are really interested.

We like to see “real” images of the service being done, examples of the service in action, and “business getting done”. This encourages a take action, no BS response from the potential buyer.

Where To Get The Images?

Depending on your strategy in the brainstorming step above, you will need to decide if you want to use your own company’s photos or stock images or cartoons.

While we recommend using your own company’s “action photos” – some may want to use stock images and cartoons.

If you want to use those – here are some resources you can check out:

Free stock photos

Paid stock photos:

Try to pick a new image that hasn’t been used thousands of times. Being creative and unique in the marketplace will help you shine!

Ideal Image Dimension Size = 768 x 435

The size of the image must be at least 768 pixels wide by 435 pixels tall. This is because depending on the screen the buyer is on, it will show up in different resolutions. We strongly recommend you make it EXACTLY this size so that nothing gets warped or cut off in your image listing.

Ideal Memory Size = Less than 100 KB

Be careful when making your image – you want it to be professional, but you also don’t want it to be multiple megabytes big

Using a Photo Editing Software

We recommend finding someone online who can help you (note – we have some photo editing specialists right here on the marketplace)- sure you can get this done yourself.

I have had good experiences using a simple software called “Live Quartz Lite” – its paid, but is simple and effective for a business person like me. I simply add the image, and then at the bottom left of the application I can change the image size and scale.

A very popular one is Photoshop. You can probably ask someone in your office to help out – the main point is to get those images dimensions correct.

Just keep this dimension written down, and when you compile and format your “production ready” image for the marketplace, this is the size it should be:

768 x 435

This way, there won’t be anything cut off or squished when you upload it to your listing here on the market.

Examples of Listing Images

Here are a few example images we have to show you – if you need to borrow some of these ideas and concepts, feel free. But again, the key to standing out in our market, or anywhere, is to have a unique and creative angle and image.

Remember – You Can Add Multiple Images

We hope this guide helped you out today – if you have trouble just thinking of one image, then feel free to make more! We allow up to 4 unique images per service listing.

Just keep in mind, that the first image is by far the most important as that is what will be shown to people browsing the marketplace, and landing on your listing details page for the first time.

Questions? Comments – Bring it On!

We are happy you got all the way through our rather dry guide on making images for the Global From Asia market. Please let us know what you are thinking or ask us some questions. We are here to help, and contact us any time.

To the success of your service listings on the market. We are always looking for fun and unique listings to feature on our blogs and podcasts – so spend the extra time to make your images and listing stand out!