Oh the China market, the dream to just get 1 dollar from every Chinese person and we would be able to retire.

If only it was that easy.

All to often, we see foreign companies rushing into the market with a blindfold on. No research, no strategy.


Then they wonder why it isn’t working.

That’s why we have created this exact service offering for you – a Marketing and PR strategy analysis for your business and portfolio. Let our experience marketing team in China review your case and make an outline and strategy for you to get your business to the next level.

This is important to do BEFORE you jump in with a Wechat account, Chinese company, hiring staff, etc etc. Save the headache and the time suck – and do your research BEFORE. Let us help you make a win-win deal for the Chinese market.


  • Market analysis – we will review what people are saying online in China (Chinese language) about your business (if anything), your industry, and find any opportunities for you to leverage when entering the market.
  • Competitive analysis – we will identify up to 5 competitors in the Chinese market for you to learn from
  • Pricing strategy – based on the competitive report, we will give you some ideas for how to price your product or service in the Chinese market.
  • Launch strategy – once we know the market from this report, we can give you next steps on how to bring your product or service to the Chinese market.


  • Competitor list
  • focus keywords, products
  • current presence in China market (if any)


  • How long will the report take?
  • Once we have all the materials, we will need approximately 7 business days to deliver the report.